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Zelian, about us

Zelian is an independent consulting firm based in Milan since 2002.

Zelian operates internationally through a network of independent consulting and communication firms that share its philosophy, approach, and expertise.

Zelian is an independent consulting firm specializing in business strategies, sustainable development, and communication.

We regularly collaborate with universities, research institutes, national and international organisations in various sectors including environment, energy, agri-food, chemistry and petrochemicals, B&C, logistics, and transportation. We have gained an extensive experience in networking for companies, organisations, institutions, and associations at both national and international levels.

  • We routinely work as advisors and ‘added business units’ for our clients.
  • We are accustomed to working in teams with the various corporate functions of our clients and coordinating at both national and international level.
  • We operate with full transparency regarding prices and services (Zelian is proud to have been among the first to adhere to the Italian Responsible Payments Code). We do not apply any markup on the costs of third-party external suppliers and routinely pass on any discounts obtained as an agency to our clients.
  • We believe it is crucial to delve deeply into corporate dynamics and technical issues. This allows us, first and foremost, to provide real added value through our consultancy services, as well as to save time and resources for our clients in overseeing the agency’s work.

Our team

Zelian relies on an in-house team supported by a national, international, and multidisciplinary network of professionals, selected and tailored to meet the needs of each client.

Andrea Lupo En

Managing Partner

Andrea, co-founder and Managing Partner of Zelian, specializes in territorial marketing and in managing relationships with territories and institutions.

With over 20 years of experience in corporate communication, consulting firms, and associations, he has developed technical expertise in the medical, pharmaceutical, chemical, petrochemical, energy, and agri-food sectors.

Graduated in Business Administration from Bocconi University in Milan, he holds a postgraduate specialization in Scientific Communication (a course established by the Faculty of Pharmacy of “La Statale” University of Milan, in collaboration with the Institute for Journalism Training “Carlo de Martino” in Milan).

Andrea is a member of the Energy and Environment Commission and the Green Economy Task Force of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) and VP of the Il Chiostro (the Italian association for the lobbying transparency).

Erica Lo Buglio EN

Managing Partner

Erica, co-founder and Managing Partner of Zelian, boasts over 30 years of experience in the field of communication across several sectors including corporate, associations, and consulting firms. She has managed integrated communication campaigns on both national and international level.

Her professional expertise spans from industrial communication to product communication, from institutional relations to internal communication, crisis management, investor relations, managing changes in corporate culture and new media.

For over 25 years, Erica has been involved in strategic consultancy and communication in Corporate Social Responsibility, Sustainable Development, and Green Economy. Since 2005, she has been actively contributing to the development of Partnerships for Sustainable Development within the United Nations Commission for Sustainable Development. Additionally, she is a member of the Energy and Environment Commission and the Green Economy Task Force of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC).

Erica holds a degree in Foreign Languages and Literatures from the University of Pavia, with postgraduate specializations in Public Relations (ISFORP Institute for Research & Training in PR) and Marketing (SDA Bocconi).

Gabriele Sala En


Gabriele has gained several years of experience in managing all aspects of public relations and internal and external communication processes for industrial associations, companies, businesses, and organizations.

He specializes in developing integrated communication plans for B2B, B2C, institutional, and nonprofit sectors, also utilizing marketing tools. He studies the use of AI in optimizing business processes and communication.

Freelance journalist and public speaker, he obtained a university-level diploma in Public Relations and Corporate Communication from IED Communication in Milan.

I nostri punti di forza

Con un approccio orientato al cliente, ci impegniamo a fornire soluzioni su misura che guidino le aziende verso il successo. Con noi otterrai consulenza strategica, competenza nel settore e un impegno costante per il progresso della tua azienda.


Experience, creativity

We boast a proven track record of direct managerial experience in both national and multinational companies, Italian and European associations, and consulting firms. We develop innovative and creative projects, always mindful of our clients' budgetary needs.


With national and international entities and organisations (including the EU and UN), universities, research institutes, and industry associations.

Trasparency, reliability

We are accustomed to working in teams with the various corporate functions of our clients and coordinating at both national and international levels. We operate with the utmost transparency regarding prices and services; and for this reason, we can boast an excellent 'clients' retention rate.

International vision

Glocal approach, accustomed to working in multicultural contexts, managing international and pan-European projects.

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