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Zelian: we are “diffused” consultants ;-)

29 February 2024

The diffused hotel is a model that allows you to experience the life of a village and feel like an inhabitant.

Based on this model we decided to become part of GRUPPO/input the first “WIDESPREAD CONSULTING, COMMUNICATION AND MARKETING AGENCY”: a phigital operating space made up of a group of independent professionals with consolidated experience, who share skills and specializations to support businesses with the necessary enthusiasm, making the motto “without a smile there is no good communication!” its own launching pad.

We call ourselves the #iconsurapids

Because we simply feel different from “consultants” (consulenti in Italian) because we could not accept a term that had “lenti = slow” in it, since we are used to responding immediately to our clients.
Our consultancy is in fact characterized by the great speed of response and solutions, thanks to the multiplicity of skills within the group which guarantee fast, effective and functional solutions.